About Us

Lima Law and Consultancy Firm has set out to become one of the most respected law firms in Turkey since its establishment.

Lima Law and Consultancy Office, which represents national and international companies, financial institutions and natural persons in international standards on legal needs in Turkey, especially criminal law, litigation, arbitration and legal disputes, and enforcement law, has adopted a persistent legal struggle based on the principles of respect for human rights and the rule of law. Our office provides legal defense and consultancy services for real and legal persons. Lima Law and Consultancy Firm offers the solutions its clients need by collaborating with expert lawyers and expert academics in the fields of International Refugee Law, Nationality Law and Law of Aliens, Commercial Law, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, Labour Law, Criminal Law, Divorce Law and Legislation, Recognition and Enforcement, Competition Law, IT Law, Mining Law, Rental Law, Energy Law, Land Register Law, Zoning Law, Insurance Law, Consumer Law, Administration Law, Health Law, Tax Law and Customs Law.

Our goal is to provide successful legal solutions and consultancy services to our clients at home and abroad to meet their needs. Based on this goal, we organize by dividing into legal departments specialized in their fields and create a strong client network covering Turkey with our consultant staff. We stand by our clients with our corporate and personal legal services.

Our Mission

Based on the principles of respect for human rights and the rule of law, to solve the legal needs of our clients in a reliable and effective way in accordance with universal legal norms.

Our Vision

To be the first law firm that comes to mind in Turkey by providing legal consultancy services at international standards to domestic and foreign, real and legal persons and institutions and legal solutions with its distinguished legal staff specialized in their fields.

Our Quality Policy

To provide legal services that will keep the client satisfaction at the highest level in accordance with the needs and expectations of individuals and organizations.

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