Family/Divorce Law

Our office deals with the disputes arising from family law in matters such as marriage, engagement, divorce, alimony obligations, custody, property regimes between spouses, kinship, paternity establishment, adoption, child property, family property and guardianship between Turkish citizens and foreigners. It serves its clients with great care and attention to the confidentiality of private life within the framework of the Civil Code, the Code of Civil Procedure and the provisions of the relevant international agreements and laws in the resolution and arrangement of protocols between the parties.

Some of the services provided in the field of Family Law are as follows:

• Execution of divorce and paternity cases,
• Arranging and executing protocols in uncontested divorces,
• Submitting material and moral compensation claims in contentious divorce cases,
• Execution of asset liquidation after divorce,
• Producing legal solutions against the violation of custody and alimony provisions,
• Taking a precautionary decision in cases of domestic violence and similar cases,
• Resolution of disputes arising from adoption,
• Providing consultancy services on asset contracts to be made between the parties to be married,
• Resolving disputes arising from the termination of engagement,
• Resolution of all disputes in Family Courts,
• Keeping up-to-date of all legislation in the field of family law.

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