IT Law

Our office, with lawyers who have specialized in this field; It provides deep and solution-oriented legal services in specific areas such as information technology law, licensing, exemptions, exceptions, intellectual property rights management.

In this context:
  • Following the latest developments in the field of Information Technologies law
  • Providing specific legal solutions in the fields of Information Technologies
  • Licensing, protection of intellectual property rights, tracking of transactions within the scope of registration and registration
  • Providing legal risk analysis, contract consultancy and general law consultancy services in order to enable them to carry out legally problem-free business processes, and providing consultancy services mainly on IT law, trademark and copyrights, disputes arising from domain names, dealer relations
  • Providing consultancy services for internet content provider and hosting provider
  • Providing legal consultancy services for companies selling goods and services over the Internet and preparing the legal infrastructure
  • Follow-up and conclusion of violations occurring via the Internet
  • Providing legal consultancy services for e-commerce and e-signature applications
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